‘A naked artist, looking at his balls nailed to the Kremlin pavement’

The Keeper gets Trans* Visibility Week rolling by linking the story of a performance artist, and his protest aimed at shining a light on Russian social issues. ***story depicts nudity and self-mutilation.***

This seems like the perfect way to enter into this important week.

I say that, not because the Moscow protest had to do with trans* issues, but that it is an illustration of just how much some people seem to understand the deadliness of silence.

For context, two transwomen, Melony Smith and Domonique Newbury were killed in Southern California over the last year. For a community this size, that’s a huge number! …and, both of them were ethnic minorities, which is a huge factor in one’s likelihood to be a victim of violence.

Political progress in places like Colorado and California has made issues of Trans* rights very visible, and so the opposition has become similarly visible. What that actually means is that there is progress, but it can certainly feel like a very scary additional microscope to suddenly be under.

So, that’s visibility… the purifying sunlight which serves as the vehicle for the survival of a group. This principle can be applied individually as well. Part of my growth and wellness require that I be open and honest about things like my mental state.

That came into sharp focus Thursday, when my months of trying to be “strong” and make it through life with an insufficient safety net exploded into an afternoon of getting desperately needed visibility from The Keeper.

I have moments like that. The one before this was in April. At that point, I just cried for an entire day and listened to Mary Lambert. Sometimes carrying one’s own weight is simply too much. What is important about that, is that we need to let people see that we hurt and struggle in order for them to help us bear the burden of such times.

For those living with depression, invisibility can be fatal.

Be honest with yourself about how things are really going. Find someone to trust, and share the complete truth. We aren’t meant to do this alone, and I hope you never feel that have to.

All my love.



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