Super quick men’s rights BS thing

This will not be today’s regular post, but this editorial made me feel icky.
Ok, so first off (big fucking surprise) an idiot misogynist wrote this. Immediately, that irritates me, because one of the prevailing problems with the MRM’s brain trust of douchebaggery is that, while they are happy to point out how often men are the victims of attitudes like this, THEY ARE ALSO THE PURVEYORS!

On a second level, am I the only one sick of hearing rape (statutory or otherwise) be classified based on how sexy the woman is in the story? I mean, we all know about the victim blaming around women who dare to dress some certain way, or whatever. As if to say, well, she looked hot, and any reasonable man would be completely unable to conduct himself as anything but a violent criminal.

But, here we have extended the same notion to the perpetrator: the woman’s attractiveness is the key to how ‘bad’ this is. Had the teacher been seen by the author as unattractive, would this then be rape?



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