Monday in My Life: Fantasia Hair

I’ve been getting bored with my hair. That happens about once a month around here. This time I decided to go back to bright colors. So, with the help of DW, I now have a lovely blend of aqua, purple and magenta hair.

We took Princess Toddlerpants (Babykiddo really is no longer descriptive) to Disneyland Saturday evening.I don’t know whether to feel better about it or not, but we don’t seem to fare any better with DW’s extra pair of hands, as compared with the results I get taking her alone. She was fairly difficult, but we got through about three good hours.

Princess Toddlerpants has been engaging in nightly psychological warfare with me. Last night, she woke me up at 3am ready to start her day. I was able to wrangle her back into bed, but every time that happens, it breaks my sleep mid-cycle. So, I end up with an amalgamation of catnaps through the night. It’s very reminiscent of those early days of two-hours feedings and whatnot.

I will admit, just as then, I like the closeness that she and I have, and that I seem to be the answer to what troubles her.

I just need some sleep 🙂

I’m not sure at all what the week ahead holds, but I am very excited to continue with our scheduled blogging experiment.

I really do need topics and questions and feedback. If you have any ideas, please hop in! What do you want to know about any of our topics? What do you want to know about me?

I did receive one bit of feedback, and it’s that someone liked hearing about The Keeper, and my USC friend.

The Keeper remains as busy as ever. She and I chatted briefly today, and I always feel very honored when she takes time out to acknowledge me. We have had some amazingly charged (in a good way) discussions about the exciting possibilities of accepting trans* visibility. She shared a scholarly article on the subject with me last week that had my brain doing new tricks. I learned today that she had opted to drop a class whose professor had engaged her in a feud-like battle of wits and wills over an idea she shared in class which didn’t fit his world-view.

My USC friend is traveling this weekend, and narrowly missed being caught up in the events of a shooting at LAX about an hour after she’d departed. I heard from her not long after I heard the news of the shooting, so I was glad not to have my stomach in knots for a significant period of time.

That’s the short version on myself and our main characters.

I hope you start your week in some wonderful way!

Be good to someone today… YOU! 🙂






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