BLOGtober Comes to an End

We made it! Thanks for those of you who took all, or part of the journey with me!

By blogging daily, I’ve seen an increase of over 50% in my readership over any other month since I started blogging in July 2011.

At first, blogging seven days a week did not feel like a fun thing, but I’ve really grown to like writing regularly, as compared to writing only when something major happens.

So, starting Monday, I have a new loosely-scheduled five-day format I’m going to test. See what you think…

Monday– My Personal Journal
This is just as it sounds. A wrap-up of what’s going on with me.

Tuesday– Reader Questions/Comments/Requests
Submit your questions or topics to

Wednesday– Relationships (especially in terms of LGBTQIA+/poly issues)
This will likely be a combination of discussions about my relationships, and relationships in general. Also, I certainly do not feel like this has to be confined to romantic relationships. This can also be about things like friendships, parent-child relationships, and work relationships.

Thursday– Social and Political Issues
I foresee this being driven by social justice issues more than reports on governmental politics, though obviously, the two do collide at times.

Friday– Sex and Sexuality
Lots of things can be part of this: LGBTQIA+ specific topics, sexual health, technique, kink/fetish/BDSM, the psychology of sex, body image issuesI want this one to be question driven.

Obviously, if something is really pressing, I will break the schedule, and get to it the same day. I think, though, that this is a good balance, and doesn’t keep us on any one subject to the point of exhaustion.

I will be saving the “Infighting in the Poly Community” post for Thursday. I have a few responses from others in the community to draw from, as well as my own thoughts and experiences, it should be a good piece.

This will serve as today’s post, Tomorrow, I will be giving you a preview edition of the Friday sex post. I’m really looking forward to this one. People in my real life often ask me about sex and sexuality, I’m very excited to write about it.

My hope is that this becomes largely a two-way dialogue. I hope you’ll find that I have useful ideas about a whole host of things. When I don’t know about something, I can reach out to a network of friends which includes people with hugely varied life experiences, and professions. …and, if that fails, there’s always Google 😉

In all cases, though, I will give you my own take, filtered through my life and expressed in my voice. I’m so excited to set out on this new adventure with you!

Love ‘ya
Send me stuff!


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