A Flock of Hot Lesbians

Cheap stunt of a title to get views, yes.
…however, in this case, it’s also the legitimate subject of my post!

I had the good fortune of being invited to join a friend of mine at a nearby meet up put together by members of a Reddit group for lesbians. Something like ten people showed up, all of them terrific!

I will, say, I found it disappointing not to be able to hear more of what everyone was saying over the clamor of rowdy football fans. (We were at a sports bar.) Even with that, I was able to get a sense that I’d found something special in that group.

I get this feeling, when I suddenly find myself with a group of women after too long without. It’s not unlike coming up for air after staying underwater too long. I feel myself grab several deep breaths full of love and camaraderie before settling in and remembering how good the air that is sisterhood feels in my lungs.

To be completely forthcoming, and when am I anything else? There’s a lot more than sisterhood involved when it’s a pack of lesbians. There is a delicious sexual tension and flirty energy that abounds. I love this energy, and I had a wonderful dose of it today!

My hope is that this becomes a regular thing, and I feel like that was the consensus of the group as well.

I wish you all the very best of weeks!





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