One Happy Girl

Today was a day that had everything feeling right. No one thing stood out, but the day, in its totality was a most agreeable one.

My dear friend, who writes under “Beatrice” is safely beside her new lover/Master. (For her blog, go here: )

An awesome Texas friend of mine, and huge inspiration got married to her fella.

DW and I have gotten along really well today. We shared a very meaningful cry over the Glee episode “The Quarterback.”

The Keeper remains Keeperish, and messaged with me a bit during her classes.

I went out for a lovely solo errand-running trip which found me spontaneously deciding to peruse one of my favorite clothing stores.  It was a great thing that I did, because I found two sexy-as-hell dresses, one of which was on clearance!

The dresses segment of the story is mostly important because I have been feeling much differently about my body, of late. What I chose for myself today was decidedly the wardrobe of a confident woman, happy to show off my features.

Tonight finds DW and me chatting over “The Sims-Medieval,” which she is playing on the laptop, as I type my thoughts for all of you at the desk.

I wish this kind of day for each and every one of you!




One thought on “One Happy Girl

  1. Aren’t you sweet. We are having a lovely time — as for the future — well – we’ll leave the future for tomorrow

    I’m with you — let’s enjoy today


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