The Keeper

Before we do anything else, I need to take you back to Thursday.

Thursday I met…. What are we to call her? The Keeper. The Keeper is like a magic elixir in my life. She’s a stabilizing force, a sage, a genuinely good friend… a genuinely good person, She doesn’t just support me, she makes it easier for me to support myself…. and, well… we flirt.

So, here’s a change to my MO: I usually approach people I like as much as I like The Keeper from a standpoint of “I hope to date her, but friendship is cool too.” This time around, I feel like I am doing something better: I hope, when the time is right, to date her. No equivocation. But to do that, I want to establish a reliable friendship first. In this way, the early part of establishing a relationship isn’t spent with me trying to figure out which way we are going. We are going to be friends. Until we are that, STFU 🙂

Keeper’s a Psych student. (I always find them, don’t I?) She is about my age. She is newer to polyamory, but seems like a very good fit for it. (Great communication, self-aware, works hard at making relationships succeed… that sort of thing)

She has an existing girlfriend. The two of them seem like they’re still feeling out open relationships, as one does early on. I have the worries I would typically have about being a boat-rocker, but nothing that can’t be managed.

I like her a great deal, and it’s a big help to have her in my life.

Next post will be a wild one… stay tuned

Also, Please go check out the blog of my really awesome mentor. I have learned a lot from reading her, and she is great at capturing the truth of her life. (As with my blog, hers carries strong adult themes)


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