7 Habits

DW took an overview course in “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” today.  My hope is that this will be a launching point for better conversation that actually gets us somewhere.

In other news, I’m kind of having one of those points in dating (or a lack of dating) where you just have to stand back and giggle.  Dating is so rich with great stories!  I love it for that.  …and, right now, that seems to be enough.

I have found my way back into not really remembering what ‘madly in love’ feels like, and it’s better this way, for now.  Being too close to those thoughts makes me do stupid things.

Also, I wrote a very short apology email to the lady I left in favor of DW.  She was unduly harmed in the process, and I continue to regret that.  I have apologized before, but it felt important to reiterate, now that the dust has settled.

Be well, my loves!



By the way…

The follow-up from a second date with PS was that she was not interested in a relationship…  I had neglected to write about it, and you needed to know for the sake of continuity.

I saw that coming

So, my successful date girl stood me up today, and vanished into oblivion.  It’s not generally my habit to give it up on a first date, but when I do, I can almost always anticipate that the first date will also be the last.

Not a big deal, I still am better off for having given it a try.  It’s important to remember I have game.  😉

Be well, my loves!


Pleasant surprise

Odd day today.  I got up with Babykiddo after my usual, insufficient sleep.  Played with her a while, fed, changed….all the usual stuff.  All the while, I was psyching myself up for my afternoon date.  I began getting ready, and was almost walking out the door when Babykiddo bonked her head, requiring stitches.

I texted my very understanding date saying that I would need to put-off our meeting for a time, but asked if she’d be willing to keep the date after I was done at the hospital.  This was agreeable.

***I am choosing not to tell the story of the hospital, as it is a distinctly unpleasant one.***

So, I went to the wine bar she had recommended for us.  It was a nice place, very charming and theme-y.  She, it turned out, was running late this time around, so I sat, uncomfortably fending off a waiter for a bit.  I was watching the front door for her, but failed to notice that there was also a parking lot and entrance behind.  She was almost to the table when I noticed her.  She did not disappoint.  She seems to have that rare blend of cute, beautiful, and sexy.  We hugged and sat down.

The afternoon took us from the wine bar; to the streets around town with their quaint shops; to a place called Downtown Disney, which is an outdoor retail, restaurant, and entertainment spot adjacent to Disneyland.

It was a marvelous time!  …and, somewhat unexpected.  She had made a good impression online, but I was very surprised by how emotionally-centered she is, and her intensity.  Experiences over my dating life have seemed to indicate that you can have passionate and crazy, or measured and sane.  She seems to be passionate and sane.  As a matter of fact, let’s call her that: PS, Passionate and Sane.

So, time will tell what happens with this one, but I left with a big smile and the promise of another date!

Be well, my loves!