Betting against

So, VL and I have been texting a little since Sunday’s very strange and abrupt end.  To touch on that briefly, she was called Sunday afternoon about a fire at her apartment building in which there was damage to her unit, and her belongings.  She later texted me that she had too much of her own life to deal with, and only had time for her ex.

Said ex had been in contact with her constantly throughout the weekend, escalating to the point where she threatened self-harm in order to get attention.

Obviously, there is never going to be a place for me, as long as this persists, so I am pinning my last shred of hope on the notion that they cannot possibly last.  If I’m right, it means that VL will have stuck up for herself, and stopped the madness…. If not, I wouldn’t want to try again anyway.

VL, of course, is taking strong exception.  After all, who would want to be told that someone hopes for the end of their relationship?  I get the sense, though, that VL has to hide under a rock to avoid hearing it.  Apparently, her friends see what I see.  There is an adage, “The universe can’t be wrong.” that I think applies.

It’s hard to bet against someone.  At a minimum, it seems to make one a crappy friend.  That being said, though… aren’t the best friends those that will tell you what you NEED to hear even when you don’t WANT to hear it?  I have always found that to be so.

So, that’s the plan, as it is for now.  Let the ex drive her crazy whilst staying WAY out of it… and, take it from there.

Interestingly, I have a date this coming Sunday, which sort of fell conveniently together.

It would be nice if VL and I found our way back to one another, but I am not going to play dead in the mean time.  Who knows, something far better might just pop up!

Oh!  …DW had a date last night.  Seems to have gone very well.  She is not sure whether it’s a friendly thing or romantic thing, but she likes him one way or the other.  🙂

Be well, my loves!



2 thoughts on “Betting against

  1. good for you.

    I think you just have to be VL’s friend — and it’s ok for a friend to feel like the relationship she’s in is bad for her.
    as long as it’s truly bad for her
    and it sounds like it is.

    be her friend
    let her process this relationship in her time
    you’ll just be bouncing back and forth
    which is not good for your heart.


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