One day more

By this time tomorrow, I will be at Disneyland with San Diego Breathtaker.  I am more nervous than I have been about most dates in the past.  I really feel like this one is important.  With Disney Crush, you’ll recall, there was always an element of feeling pretty sure I’d land in friendship, but hoping for more anyway.  This is a full-blown date.  Granted, I have the concern in mind that I need to be ‘enough of a woman’ to be attractive to her.  She is the second ‘gold star’ I have dated, and the third lesbian.  I have to say… I have an especially fond place in my heart for those who identify as lesbians.  It’s not to say that I have anything against those identifying as bisexual.  The difference, to me, is that I know for sure that a lesbian who likes me likes someone they perceive as a woman.

About the courted:  She is the least tall person I will have dated, standing 4’11”  I don’t have strong feelings about this, but I do think it’s rather adorable to be such an unimposing figure.  …and, as to figure, hers is in the middle of the bull’s eye for ‘my type.’  She is soft and curvy.  …and, she has electric blue eyes which are criminally intoxicating… to the point where I actually believe it to be an unfair advantage.  She is at once a pragmatist coming into her own strength as a working woman, and a starry-eyed child-at-heart.  Her correspondence is filled with exclamation marks and smiley faces.

Something just feels different this time… I don’t feel like I am justifying or looking the other way about anything.  She is giving me the opportunity to make the case for myself, and I intend to argue it like Atticus Finch.  …Okay, maybe less grandiose.  …or maybe EXACTLY as grandiose!  I do have the HUGE advantage of taking her to Disneyland.  This affords me not only my own charm to draw from, but my extensive knowledge of a place she really likes.  And, it doubles as a really nice thing for my experience as well.  What better place to have a successful first date than the place I feel most at home?

In other news, DW and I had an entirely conflict-free day today!  That was awesome!

Also, my cuddle-buddy came over for a visit, and we ended up getting physical again.  I hope this is my last visit with her.  I say hope and not “I have decided” because I really only see her in a ‘break glass in case of being really lonely’ sort of circumstances.  I am not so foolish as to proclaim that I will never feel that way again.

My best to all of you… and, special thanks to my Texas buddies for not getting killed in the tornadoes this week!

Be well, my loves!




2 thoughts on “One day more

  1. Good luck on your date! Sounds like you really deserve something more fulfilling than you’ve been receiving lately! 🙂 I hope this will turn into that for you.

  2. I sure hope so too! I am starting to feel much more satisfied with my list of friends, so I am a lot less amorphous about what sort of relationship I am after: I want someone I can love like crazy! I think that, unto itself will help quite a bit.

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