Three months? You’re killing me!

Alright, first to business… I’m really sorry not to have kept things up around here.  I’ve been living lots of life and collecting lots of blog-worth experience… but, have lacked the will to get it written down.

As with many of my posts, I have nothing ordinary or mediocre to report.  This blog should be called “All Things Great and Terrible.”

So, here we go, in no particular order.

I had my wisdom teeth out.  Perhaps not a big deal on the face of it, but I did things in grand Lauren style, and asked the dentist to completely fuck me up, so that I would have to turn it into a multi-day surgistravaganza and lots of complications.  That’s how I roll…. you ought to know that by now! 😉   Want the gory details?  Of course you do, and this girl serves them up hot.

So, about three weeks ago, I have this pain in my jaw.  It feels like I have a sinus infection, but the pain is intense.  It comes back for several days, and finally DW asks me if it might be dental.  Huh….yeah…. why did I not think of that?  It was definitely dental.  My left lower wisdom tooth was swollen and pissed off.  I went to the dentist finally resolute, and prepared to get this over with. (I should have done this years ago.)

Now, here’s me: the new and improved me; Strong, brave, responsible, not afraid of doctors… in short, behaving like an adult… finally!  First strike:  The dentist can’t do the extraction that day because I need to be on antibiotics first.  Well, that’s okay, I am a big girl, I can be patient and wait a few days.  I wait.

Thursday the 26th comes:  Day of the extraction.

–Continued soon… have to go to an unscheduled follow-up with my oral surgeon… seriously!–


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