No idea

Life is moving too fast to properly chronicle at the moment. I am not altogether sure that I have a good sense of what things are important, and of interest. Looks like we will be moving to California right after Thanksgiving. The company is providing temporary housing in a great location right on the border of Long Beach and Seal Beach on Pacific Coast Hwy.

Babykiddo is running around everywhere… her mobility is superb. Fortunately, her caution prevents her from getting into things before she is detected…so far.

MORE drama with my lawyer not doing my name change right… I hope to finally have that all buttoned up tomorrow.

Trying to get in visits with absolutely everybody before I leave. I posted a challenge on Facebook asking that peole think of a last wish I can grant before I leave….not many responses yet…but I hope more will come. There have been a couple of good ones.

That’s all for right this minute. Be well, my loves!



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