The BIG One!

Hello, lovelies;

SO much to get to both in terms of volume and importance.

Let me knock out the quick stuff…

DW’s health concerns continue, and further action may be required to finally be done with this scare once-and-for-all.  This is not doing great things for my nerves.

GS and I are rebuilding our friendship.

SCG is still quite busy.

PB is now quite busy as well.

BB is rather busy.

Dallas Pride was…well, not Long Beach Pride.

Gender non-conforming friend decided to make war on me, to little or no effect but to look foolish.  Way more drama than I am used to, or am willing to make time for.

Babykiddo is sick 😦

I may be getting sick 😦

DW has been getting out more of late.  I am very grateful that she seems to be making strides toward doing more of the things that make her happy.

I ordered myself a Rainbow Brite doll to replace the one I had as a little girl.  I had no idea how much good a silly doll could do for me, but I lit up in probably the same way I did as a four-year-old when it arrived yesterday.

Lots of friends seem to be getting what they need and want, and that does me immeasurable good!

The temperature is now back within earth-like ranges.  More 100+ degree days this summer than any in history…. how nice 😛

But, the real news is the unexpected appearance of what appears to be the next major relationship.  This new interest came crashing into my life about a week and a half ago, and much has changed since!

She (despite a recommendation from a friend that I should call her “Too Much Hotness,” which is certainly deserved, I am instead going to call her ROS.  Ray Of Sunshine) came to a discussion group on polyamory last weekend.  That night, about ten of us, ROS included, stayed well past the group, on to a restaurant, past the restaurant’s closing and into the wee hours.  There was no missing her, all eyes took notice wherever she went.  She is charming and energetic, funny and thoughtful.  And, not to glance over the obvious, she is stunning!

We had great conversation by text and over the phone throughout the week, and made a date for Saturday lunch, which became an entire afternoon.  Then, she came over Saturday night and spent time with some friends of mine (including BB and her husband, and GS)  Things got comfortable, and romantic…there was lots of kissing and snuggling.

Sunday was Pride…met her there…. then she came over again Sunday night for more time together.  I went to the mall and had drinks with her yesterday, and she is out with DW having dinner right now.  The plan is that, once they return, ROS will spend the night.

I am as smitten as can be.  More to follow on the specifics of why she is such a great fit, but for now, I leave you with the news that I have been absolutely swept off my feet in the greatest possible fashion!

Be well, beautiful people!



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