Another one…just because I like you so very much!

I realize that I neglected to mention stuff in the last post, because I was so focused on GS.

Saturday, Mrs. BE had a birthday dinner, and party that followed at their place.  A wonderful night filled with VERY open talk, and even more open activities was had.  I found myself spending the bulk of my evening giving massages to very attractive people.  Poor me 😉

Also Saturday, I spent the morning with my friend next door, who is also a stay-at-home-mom.  I always have a very nice time with her, and will miss her a great deal if either of us move.

Sunday had me trying to very carefully tightrope walk as a friend of mine who is non-gender-conforming went on a bit of a tirade against another acquaintance of mine, TJ.  I was trying to do the best job I could of trying to explain, and even try to apologize for the angry words without completely selling out my friend.  I got a series of messages yesterday that led me to the knowledge that ngc friend was not too happy with me over it.  I guess I couldn’t win… but the tirade was out of line, and someone needed to say so.

The tone of this week, though, is still under the influence of DW’s health stuff.  More medical interacting on Friday… hopefully once and for all!

That’s it for your bonus blog, but check back for a bonus essay that a friend of mine requested on my feelings about the impending court date for my name change.  I hope to have that up tonight 🙂

Stay sexy, my loves!



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