Quick and Dirty

I have been too busy having current events lately to post about current events 😛

I have three…count them one, two, three budding relationships of one sort or another.

I have been deeply engaged with my family on the west coast in anticipation of a possible move back home.

Everything feels very much up in the air.  It’s fun, in a way, but I am ready for a disposition.  Ready to know if we’re moving, ready to know where these budding relationships are going, ready to know if my silly endocrinologist is going to FINALLY up my hormones, ready to get my fingerprints taken so I can finish my name change…. too many juggling balls.

All of them lead to better things (I think) but it’s a lot of motion.

In terms of my three lovely romantic interests, the looming move is keeping me in something of a holding pattern.

One of these has reached a disposition… sort of.  Let’s call her Gold Star for now. (she was previously mentioned as being new to Denton)  GS and I have a sort of casual (largely physical) relationship.  I don’t have experience with relationships like this, so it’s novel.  She makes me feel sexy, and the importance of that cannot be overstated.

SCG and I are enjoying each other’s company.  Poor dear seems overburdened with school, but we are finding ways to sneak in time together.  She is an absolute sweetheart, and we have very similar wants, it seems.  I continue to hold out hope that she will be someone I can really let myself fall hard for.  I feel like she really believes I am beautiful.

The most recent addition to the mix is a member of the poly community.  I think that sets her at a huge advantage to being able to understand the rules of the road.  She is a little older than the other two, and more established in terms of home, vocation, and relationships.   We will call her Poly Bombshell. PB and I have met up twice now.  I have some concerns that I made less than an impressive showing last time, but time will tell.  I did get a very knee-weakening kiss at the close of our last meeting, and I hope that is a good sign.

I desperately need to sleep, and for my body to stop aching.  Worry over DW’s health has been the underpinning of every passing moment the last few days.  Things are looking better now, and I can move on.  Thank goodness.

In other news, my warranty replacement for the hair removal laser comes tomorrow… hopefully.  I have never been so eager to inflict tremendous pain on myself 😛

Be well, my loves.






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