Baby update

I have been asked for baby info, here’s the latest.

Cayleigh will be 14 months on the 17th.  She is in the middle of the range for height and slender… but, she has a huge head, apparently.  She has four bottom teeth, and is almost done getting numbers three and four on top.

She is happy, and likes being around people.  Her laugh is hilarious.  She likes to pick up flat objects like papers and menus and rotate them and look at every conceivable angle, almost as though figuring out some deep puzzle.  She takes on everything in this way, cautiously and deliberately examining all angles.  She clearly wants to understand all the complexities of a thing before diving in.  Her moms will have a much easier time of it if that lasts 😉

She LOVES to dance and listen to music.  She gets very excited about the pool, and likes to splash, and be splashed. She explains things to us in great detail and with great emphasis (in her own language, of course.)

She claps and waves, gives five… she can feed herself finger foods and hand us things we ask for.  She understands the word “No” and is good about following direction. She follows us around the house at super-zoomy crawling speed.  She likes attention, but does not need it every single second of the day.

All told, she continues to amaze us with everything she does.  Every day is a new adventure!  I love being a mom ❤


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