Great Weekend!

After a couple of pretty trying weeks with stepkiddo, Friday saw her headed home, and us headed into an eventful weekend.

Friday night was Dallas Polydinner, a social meet-up for polyamorous folk.  Mr. and Mrs. BE, and a host of other very dear friends were there.

Saturday, it was up early and working our heads off to put the last details on the ‘Treasure Party.’   We invited people over to exchange their unwanted belongings… like a swap meet.  It was a huge success.  We had about 30 people at our rather small apartment.  The temperature inside soared as sweat cascaded from every face.  Our guests seemed to really enjoy it, in spite of the heat.

We proceeded to dinner following that.  About a dozen from the party all went to a local Mexican restaurant.  We were going to go to Mable Peabody’s after that (the local LGBT watering hole) but, ended up heading home instead.

We were joined by a few friends, and had deep discussions until about 3:00am.

Today, I got eyeliner permanently applied.  The process is the same as a tattoo, and was an interesting thing to sit through.  DW and I had Del Taco and checked our much-neglected e-correspondence outlets (interesting bit of news there, as I reconnected with the person most instrumental in causing me to consider transition, after no contact for nearly a year.) We then watched “True Blood” before having a delightful bit of romance to cap the weekend off.

…this week….WOW!

DW interviews in Cali

SCG returns to Texas

SCG and I give a grand tour to a Denton newcomer

Mr and Mrs BE and company at a concert

…and I continue in my quest to squeeze every last drop of joy out of each second 🙂


Be well, my loves!



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