Failure to blog

Hey everyone!

Sorry I have been away.  I was trying to wait for something concrete to write about, but I’ve got nothing.

I trimmed and dyed my hair today.  When it was super-short, it helped to give it a lot of texture, but now it is growing out somewhat, and I am gradually moving it into being one length.  I definitely found the blonde I have been looking for.  I used (for the benefit of any hair junkies) medium copper blonde in 30 volume developer as a low tone alongside light golden blonde in 40 volume developer.  The effect is warm and pleasing… and works nicely with my rosy complexion.

So, the happiness that I so boldly touted the other night was about  a date I had with someone new. I was hoping to give further information as to what was happening with regard to this budding relationship….but I am not sure what information I actually have to share…. Here’s what I know:

Last week, we spent two VERY long nights on the phone, and then had what had seemed like a very successful first date… all of this on consecutive days.  On day four of this extravaganza of falling way too fast, I found myself rocked to the core with comparative insecurity.  What’s good about that is that my unconscious mind compared myself to a woman.  That has never happened before.  The bad news is, I compared myself unfavorably.  I texted her that I was running late, and explained why.  She consoled me, but I got a sense that I had probably fucked everything up.  So, me, and DW and both kiddos made our way to dinner, whereupon new girl seemed to be much more interested in talking to stepkiddo than anyone else.  In fairness, stepkiddo was being an attention vampire, and she may have simply been placating her.  It may also be that she was trying to keep a respectful distance, knowing how upset I had been… I have no way to know.

In the two days since then, however…complete radio silence.  I have no idea what, if anything to make of it.

Fortunately for my ability to not sweat it, SCG has been awesomely friendly to me, and that is keeping me distracted.  11 more days until her return to Texas from a summer back home.  She is so very yummy, and I am very excited to finally meet her in person!

Not much else to report…but I will broadcast any changes with new girl, should there be any.

Be well, my loves



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