I have fooled around long enough

Time to get writing.  Many changes, many adventures…much to share.

So, things with Mr. and Mrs. Blue Eyes have changed course and returned to the land of friendship.  I have recovered, for the most part, but that one kind of stung.  I had a lot of hope invested in those relationships.

I had a wonderful night last Saturday and got to meet one of my personal heroes.  She was giving a burlesque performance at a local bar. (Local in Texas can mean driving more than an hour.)  She and I have had an internet friendship for almost a year, but I had never met her in person.  The performance was terrific, but better still was the absolute VIP treatment I got.  She brought me backstage and sat with me in between sets.  I felt like the belle of the ball 😀  I’m always so flattered talking to her, because she seems to me to be such a strong, bold woman gleaming with beauty and talent… but, she seems to genuinely see the same in me.  It’s either an actual mutual admiration, or she is really good at blowing smoke.

I have been much more social and flirty of late, and that has led to some possibilities for new dating partners.  I am really not sure where any of this is headed, and I am doing my usual bit of letting the relationships go where they’re going to go.  It’s hard to say what the outcomes or timeframes are…but here’s the list of current key players…be they friendly or romantic.

I have a thriving friendship with a transman whom I initially contacted to see if he was interested in my old wardrobe.  He’s a real dear, and we have been doing what little can be done to help each other navigate the insanity of transition.  He has a husband (who is a very nice man that I need to get to know better), daughter (who is adorable) and girlfriend (who could be the seductress from a film noir)  We always find lots to talk about.  He is a stay-at-home dad, so there is ample fodder between that and transition.

Then there’s my penpal relationship…and, dating relationship-to-be (once she returns from vacation in late August)  She is sweet and bubbly and vibrant.  WAY too cute for the likes of me;)  She seems like a very real shot at love with abandon.  I hope so.  She is a few years younger…maybe that helps in not being jaded.  I don’t know.  But, I am pretty smitten.

I have a lunch (date?) tomorrow with a friend from the poly group whom I have been writing and texting with rather extensively.  She and I seem eerily on the same wavelength, and I am eager to see what that means for the relationship.  I am trying not to get my hopes up, because the direction of things is still unclear… but, she’s either going to be a terrific friend, or terrific person to date.

…beyond that, there are some sort of up-and-coming characters..

DW had a date with a very charming man last week, and he and his wife met us for dinner last night.  the conversation was wonderful, and of course being the lovesick puppy I am, I began to crush on the wife.  *sigh*  I will never learn, will I?

Another sweetheart of a lady I met at ‘poly dinner’ is on my radar.

and, I continue to converse with a handful of people on my dating site, though most of those dry up before they lead to a date.

With all of that in play, I really have no idea what the next weeks and months will hold… and to top it all, DW has an internal interview for a job in California!

…lots of things up in the air… I hope some of them begin to land, and blossom.

Be well, my loves!


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