More interested party

“The one who loves the least controls the relationship.”  -Robert Newton Anthony

I believe this statement.  …and, I feel that it is borne out by my experiences.

The problem with this is that, despite knowing the likely outcome, my default behavior is to love anyone and everyone until it is made absolutely clear that I shouldn’t.  I often compare my behavior to that of a puppy, eager to greet its owner at the door.  The puppy will likely continue to do this even if it knows the owner will kick it.

That is not to say that everyone I love kicks me.  My point is more about my silly utopian ideals of loving everyone. And, I love everyone on different levels… but I definitely invest myself strongly in other people.  This is where I get myself in trouble.  I position myself, invariably, as the more involved party.

I guess I’m just interested in having someone love me stupidly…. that would be a welcome thing. 🙂


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