Wit’s End

Stepkiddo has decided that the tantrums and whining and bedtime drama just really weren’t driving the point home.  The answer:  crap yourself…that’ll show those rule-imposing bastards who’s boss.  *sigh*


2 thoughts on “Wit’s End

  1. I can give you some educated advice to the specific situation (and others similar), (BS in Education, trial by fire in the classroom/home). But each child is different.
    For similar situations, I kept complete control of myself, showed no emotion, had the child do as much work as possible (if it took awhile, so be it) to clean up the mess (or make the situation right), and then back to the origional objective. The more you react, the more reinforced the behavior becomes, or if it gets them completely out of doing something they dont want to, that will reinforce the behavior too. Okay, nuff babbling, back to trying to get my kiddo to complete her tasks (sigh).

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