Lots of beginnings….now what?

A hush has (finally) fallen over the house of nonconformity.

Stepkiddo had bedtime drama….which woke Babykiddo.  ….twice

Wife is having a night out with friends 🙂

…and I am here with my latest batch of silly musings for your consideration.

The weekend was a very good one.

Friday saw me spending time with the before mentioned couple whom I am …dating, I hope…. Let’s begin calling them Mr. and Mrs. Blue Eyes.  So, Mr. BE and roommate, along with a couple of other friends, went to see a silly comedic play in Dallas.  Mrs. BE had a very busy week at work, and was just polishing off the last of her paperwork.  The play was a lot of fun, albeit not what I had thought of when making plans earlier in the week.  I did get to spend the latter part of Friday night with the BEs at their lovely home.  The conversation was deep and left some raw emotions, I think.  My fault entirely.  I could have engaged in flirty banter in the hopes that face-sucking would commence… but I cannot resist a good dilemma solving session. *facepalm*

I did get a good-night kiss from them both.  I enjoyed both thoroughly 🙂  I found myself with a sheepish grin after kissing Mr. BE, as I had never kissed a man before.  I like that he was my first… no matter where things go, I will be glad of the choice.

So, that was Friday. Saturday started REALLY rocky, but got much better.  Wife took Stepkiddo to see the final installment of Harry Potter in the morning.  I slept too late, and did not have a chance to look my best for Babykiddo’s first birthday party late in the afternoon.  I was having a full-blown anxiety attack over this fact, as well as some logistical failures, and the fact that I was going to have to spend time with some people around whom I am uncomfortable.

I found myself having resentments over the realization that the people I was uncomfortable with were all Wife’s invites. That fact played into a major meltdown that came later.

So, I got through the party much better than I feared.  Everyone behaved (mostly.)  I missed almost all of it in trying to keep everyone happy and fed, but that was as expected.

After the time at the restaurant, many of the party-goers joined us at a nearby park so the kiddos could run off some of the birthday cake induced sugar-high they were having.

The night concluded with Wife babysitting ours plus a four-year-old in order to let me and some friends go to the local gay watering hole.  I had a very good time getting out.  I really enjoyed the company I was in.  A dear friend of mine who is FtM, his husband, and their girlfriend (although that may not be their title for her…not sure)  We also had the good fortune of running into an acquaintance of mine, and her girlfriend.  …that a confusing enough cast of characters?

Anyway, we stayed until 1am or so, then I took them back to pick up their little one…and then on to grab late night dinner for Wife and I (at Del Taco, of course)  I was really flattered when the OH-SO-SEXY order-taker person recognized me from previous visits and flirted with me 🙂

This is running long… I am going to split it up, just for the hell of it.


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