Stepkiddo behaved at camp today!  Yes, that is blogworthy.

Had a splendid day of checking in with friends and catching up on some much-needed rest.  Sleep has not been easily come-by the last few weeks.  I have been having trouble with some feelings of rejection that seem to come over me as I try to go to bed… not been my most favorite thing.

I have been continuing to try to satisfy my need to be loved and accepted in ways that work better than those that have been failing me of late.  There is progress and hope on the horizon, but I’m not completely at the point I’d like just yet.

I think the next few weeks will see me posting more about dating adventures….but, for now I am working on building firm foundations for relationship success.  I really hope it pans out.  I have buckets of love to hand out, and I really hope the right recipient(s) become available… I could use a top off on my being-loved buckets.

More to come, I’m sure… be well, everybody!





One thought on “Quickie

  1. baby steps — and we all feel that way at times — particularly when we have those moments right before we go to sleep


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