Into real time

So, here’s the task I have before me: take the last six months and capture them in a single entry (to the extent possible) so as to give the proper setting for the posts to follow.

I have been ‘en femme’ 24/7 for about five of the last six months.  My entire wardrobe is comprised of women’s clothing.  My hair, which had been kept extremely short (enough so to expose the scalp) is now falling over my ears.  My getting ready routine can be done in about an hour (unless I have to shave my body.) The wig never did feel natural to me, so I have just been working with what I could grow myself.  I have become quite good with makeup.  My voice has still not received enough of my attention, and is unchanged.

I was prescribed oral estrogen and have been taking it for about two weeks.  The changes began quickly.  I have noticed a pronounced softening of my skin and development of a layer of subcutaneous fat.  I am having lots of very elaborate dreams.  My mood, indeed my perception of life, is changing as well.  I am more calm and less hurried.  Frustration and anger, though infrequent previously, are now all but absent.  My content is more content, my satisfied more satisfied, my accomplished more accomplished, my worthiness more worthy.  On the downside, I am more given to feeling disappointed and sad (but I certainly prefer those to the frustration and anger they replace.)

Let’s see… what else?

Marriage is changing rather dramatically… not all to do with transition.  We are getting real about what we do well and what we do not.  We are focusing on the parts that work best.  I have needed to feel as though I am not betraying my marriage by not wanting to spend every waking second together.  That seems to be an accepted position.

Stepkiddo is with us two weeks a month through the summer.

Babykiddo is turning one on Sunday!

That’s all I’ve got for now… maybe you can help me see what’s missing… any questions?



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